I dag løp jeg 6 km ute før jeg skulle spise hjemmelagde hamburgere.

Gammel firmware til høyre, ny firmware til venstre 
Hjemmelaget hamburgere smaker alltids best
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I dag ble det 5 km løping på mølla etterfulgt av en litt styrketrening av bryst, skuldre, mage og rygg med 3 sett a 6-8 repetisjoner.

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Solgte 3 av mine smartklokker

I dag solgte jeg mine 3 beste smartklokker til en god kollega. Grunnen til at jeg solgte de var at jeg hadde rett og slett for mange av de. De som jeg solgte var ikke mer en 2-6 mnd. gamle. Noen av de var ikke brukt mer enn 10-12 ganger. De jeg solgte var alle med pulsmåler på håndleddet. Ganske så kjekt slik at man slipper brystbelte. Klokkene som jeg solgte heter M19, M28 og X9 pro. Godt at de ble solgt slik at de ikke blir bare liggende i skuffen.

X9 Pro 

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10 km løping på mølla før jobb

Isteden for å svømme en times tid i dag, ble det en time på mølla isteden der distansen ble 10 km. Det føltes så godt. 😏

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Ny smartklokke

Som dere vet liker jeg jo å teste ut ulike smartklokke, og det har jo blitt noen opp igjenom årene. Etter litt surfing her og der fant jeg en klokke som jeg hadde lyst å teste ut. Klokken heter iWOWn fit GPS multisport watch. (P1 GPS Sportswatch) Ganske så kul klokke med et godt opplyst display. Det sies at klokka syns godt i sollys noe jeg ikke har testet enda. Kort fortalt er den vanntett ned til 50 meter, innebygd 17 forskjellige sportsaktiviteter og foruten pulsmåler på håndleddet har den innebygd ECG funksjon. Under kan dere lese litt om den. 

  • 1,3″ IPS touchskjerm
  • 5-7 dagers batteritid
  • Vanntett ned til 50 meter
  • Kjenner igjen 17 ulike sporter
  • Smarte varsler

iWOWNFit, a Chinese wearable company focusing on bringing personal mobile health band in the market. Popular products. The  latest product from iWOWNFit is the iWOWNFit P1 smartwatch, a smartwatch with sport and trendy design, check out our review of this popular smartwatch from iWOWNFit.


The P1 smartwatch from iWowNFit is a sport smartwatch that is a blend between a smartwatch and a smartband. It has a sporty trendy look, with a waterproof design. Here at smartwatchspecifications.com, we have reviewed and used several sport smartphones and so far the iWowNFit P1 smartwatch is one of the best looking sportwatch.

The P1 has a sporty silicon strap that is flexible and soft strap hat has a breathable design. The body is rectangular in design with PC material and it is waterproof up to 50 meters. The sport smartwatch is lightweight and very comfortable to use and fits perfectly to my wrist. The smartwatch supports touch screen and has three physical buttons to operate the smartwatch. The smartwatch comes in black but it has a yellow color combination, its physical button (power) and the bottom back cover. It looks good but I wish more yellow accent has been added to the top body of the watch.


This wearable of iWowNFit has one of the best display I think in its category, it is sharp and has clear graphics even outdoors. The iWowNFit P1 smartwatch has a 1.3” inch rectangular IPS color screen display with 240 x 240 pixel resolution with adjust brightness feature, wish it could have an ambient feature to automatically  adjust its brightness, anyways still impressive based on its price, the touch screen is also very responsive as well as sharp.


iWowNFit P1 smartwatchdid not detail much on its hardware except for its battery and other common features. Anyways, what we are after is its feature particularly on its health and fitness function.

Well here are one of its features including the activity tracking

Message – with the iWowNFit P1, you will not just receive notifications but you can also read the messages right on your smartwatch without the need of taking your smartphone out.

Event – create notifications on the app and check it on your smartwatch with the event option.



Watch Face – at least 9 watch faces is available in the P1 smartwatch, 5 digital watch faces and 4 analog design with extra information on the face is available.

24/12 HR – option to switch to military standard time or 12 hour format.

Do Not Disturb Mode – option to activate it or not

Brightness – option to set the brightness to a higher level or less. Note: the P1 don’t have a built-in Ambient mode, no automatic adjustment of brightness is available.

Language – Chinese, English, Deutsch, Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese

The iWowNFit P1 main feature is its multi-mode sport. The P1 is loaded with at least 17 activities

RunningCycleClimbingTable TennisVolleyballAerobics
BadmintonFast WalkBasketballSoccerSit-upsIce Skating
Rope JumpSwimmingTennisDance

Some of the sports support GPS, running, cycle, climbing and fast walk. And each sport provide in depth details such as graphs, fat burning, aerobic, anaerobic, speed and other details that will help you in your fitness and health activities.

iWowNFit P1 scores good with its multimode sport, it just doesn’t provide details but also with additional stats via graph and other health data regarding your activity. You also have the option to save it or just discard the activity.


The smartwatch from iWowNFit  has a good battery life better than other color display screen smartwatches, we are amazed that it lasted over a week in just a single charge. It has its proprietary charger connected to micro USB, you can use your phone’s charger or smartphone to charge your phone so no issues with the compatibility.


Kilde: smartwatchspecifications.com/

The iWOWNFit P1 smartwatch is fit for those who are into sport and fitness and is looking for a trendy lightweight smartband that is fully loaded with health and fitness options.

I love the battery life for the P1 as well as its display screen, I think it is far more better compared to the Amazfit BIP which is also in the same price range. The smartwatch has a great UI, easy to access menus as well as variety of sport feature with GPS support. Overall, the iWOWNFit P1 smartwatch is perfect for fitness and health fans who don’t want to spend too much on a fitness wearable but would like to have a full featured smartwatch.

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I dag ble det styrketrening av bryst, skuldre, triceps, mage og rygg med 3 set a 6-8 repetisjoner.


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I dag ble det 10 km løping på mølla samt styrketrening av ben. Litt tøft var det, men ingenting kommer gratis.😏

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I dag ble det lett styrketrening av bryst, triceps, skuldre og litt rygg med 3 x 6-8 repetisjoner.



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En god start på morningen

En god start på morningen. Etter jobb ventes litt styrketrening og en løpetur på 1,5 time på mølla. 🙂






Lunsjen i dag

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Ferdig med dagens treningsøkt. 1 times styrketrening av kroppen etterfulgt av 1 times løpetur på mølla der distansen ble 10 km. Så ble det over 20 000 skritt i dag også.😁

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